Who We Are


At Anew Financial we believe in taking a holistic approach to helping individuals and their families position themselves for financial success.  We have strategic partnerships with both insurance providers and companies that utilize other professional services. This allows us to give you options and ensure you will be offered the best possible solutions. Our goal is to protect your assets, serve our community, and solve financial problems.

We live in a world where everyone is one illness away from financial ruin. Unfortunately, if your assets are not enough to care for yourself, a sick loved one, or even an aging relative, this positions you to lose everything you have worked so hard to acquire. This could include assets such as your house, investments, businesses, savings, and retirement accounts. Regardless of where you are in life, just beginning, growing a family, or preparing for retirement, your assets, all of them, need protection. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that your legacy will live on for future generations to come.

Today is the day. A chance to take a new look at your financial situation. Let us be your resource to help navigate you through how to best protect what belongs to you and your loved ones!


I have experienced first-hand some of the economic disadvantages and challenges that arise within the African American community. I wanted to start a company that can provide encouragement and hope to families through positive messaging and education. There are many solutions out there for the various financial challenges we face. My focus is to add value to your situation by showing you a path that makes sense for you and your goals specifically.

I have a passion to help individuals and their families come together and figure out how to best prepare and plan for their financial futures. While we can’t change the past, I truly believe that from this day forward we can all play a part in positioning ourselves and future generations to establish better financial wellness. We can no longer continue to pass on debt and poor financial practices. I am dedicated to providing a platform where we can come together to increase financial literacy as well as establish practical action plans.  I am certain that education coupled with action will lead to a positive impact. I am excited to have the opportunity to assist.